About the Internet Operations Research Center (IORC)

The Internet Operations Research Center (IORC) at DePaul University is a faculty and staff-supported and run project to help advance the state of Internet operations through research, measurement and educational activities.

IORC projects may include, but are not limited to routing, NTP, DNS, IP multicast, anonymity, virtualization, distributed measurement, IPv6, web hosting and network storage, and security. The IORC draws its expertise primarily from faculty and staff who have extensive Internet operational experience. Participating faculty and staff design and support various ongoing projects with which other faculty, staff and students may make use of in their research, work and classroom. The IORC also develops and supports the greater community through published measurement data, tools and research papers.

IORC participants do not use IORC for commercial gain. Except for sponsored projects (e.g. web hosting of open source software projects), only IORC participants, who must be DePaul University affiliated faculty, staff or students, have access to IORC raw data, logs and systems. Furthermore, DePaul University constituent access to IORC raw data, logs and systems is on a need-to-know basis only.

Participating Staff

Thank you!

The IORC is unique endeavor made possible by many within the DePaul University community including students, staff and faculty. IORC staff have dedicated their own time and resources to help make the IORC possible. However, there are those outside the DePaul University community who deserve special recognition for their support.

The IORC does not maintain its own budget. It is run with the generous support of its participants and through donations made by colleagues and friends outside DePaul University. While we currently have enough of what we absolutely need, there are always some things we'd be very grateful to receive. Note, donations are tax-deductible in the US. Contact us if you have some gear you don't need. We might have a use for it. Thanks in advance!

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