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The IORC has thus far acquired more than enough gear to begin a variety of research work. There are over a dozen servers, mostly 1U to 3U boxes of various capability, but all together they constitute over 8 TB of disk storage and many GB of RAM. The hardware includes various Intel-based server platforms and network devices including routers from Cisco and Juniper. These systems are currently or will soon support a variety of activities including, but not limited to NTP stratum-1 time service, network traffic capture and collection, classroom technology support, syslog aggregation, BGP route monitoring and analysis, darknet capture and analysis, network measurement and monitoring, PGP key services, DNS service and measurement and more.

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We are pleased to announce that our stratum-1 NTP time server service is now up and running. It is accessible to the community both within outside and the greater public Internet community for testing purposes. Please note, we are currently considering this service in testing mode until further notice. We want to ensure we time service is stable as well as managed sufficiently for some time before announcing it more widely. Please use the domain name in any configuration files and documentation. While we do anticipate a change in IP addressing, we cannot guarantee the IP address mapping will remain indefinitely. Please let us know of any problems or difficulties that may arise with the use of this service.

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